Transferring Vehicle from One State to Another - NOC Process

Option 1

If you purchase a vehicle in State A , India and if you decide to move to State B, India, get a No Object Certificate (a.k.a NOC) from the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) of your vehicle registration.

Option 2

If you think that NOC is such a bureaucratic process and a lot of hassle, sell your vehicle in State A before moving to State B.

NOTE: Use Option 1 only if you believe that you are sentimentally attached to your vehicle.

The process of re-registration of out of state vehicles is so cumbersome that any vehicle owner in India will just loathe the archaic Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) rules and the opaque nature of RTO operation. This is Indian Bureaucracy at its best and it flexes itself admirably to money power.

I will highlight the process of applying for NOC in the city of Hyderabad for moving your vehicle over to Chennai.

Application of NOC in Hyderabad

(A) Obtain police clearance certificate.

  1. If your vehicle belongs to a registration OTHER than Ranga Reddy district, you can apply for police clearance certificate at the Traffic Control Room - Computer Section, nearby the Lal Bahadur Sastri Stadium, Nampally, Hyderabad. It is an instant procedure. The computer section folks should generate a no-pending traffic penalty dues certificate in a matter of an hour or so. If you have pending challan payments, then you have to pay the challans in order to obtain the certificate. After obtaining the certificate, apply for no criminal records on the vehicle with the detective department at the same Traffic Control Room. This is ONLY applicable if your registration is OTHER than that of Ranga Reddy district. This crime record service costs Rs 100 at the time of writing. Refer Link
  2. If your vehicle is registered under Ranga Reddy district, then you may approach any one of the eSeva centers in Hyderabad and apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). This service costs Rs 200 (for motorcycle) at the time of writing. The eSeva center then couriers your request to the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate Office at Gawchibowli, Greater Hyderabad. You can also request to take the application in hand and approach the Commissionerate Office in person. Try your luck. Anything is possible in India (you know what I mean). This helps in saving some time as the normal processing time takes about a week or two to get PCC from an application forwarded from eSeva Center. So, your processing time is more if your vehicle is registered under Ranga Reddy district. Please follow up with the Police Commissionerate on your application - after a week. Refer this link to figure out the Police Station under Greater Hyderabad.
For the above mentioned procedures, you should submit a copy of your registration certificate as well as a copy of identify (Driver's License, Passport, Voter ID or PAN card).

(B) After obtaining a clearance from the Police Department, i.e. no-pending-dues from Traffic Police as well as no-crime records from Detective Department, you can now apply for NOC with the concerned RTO. Form 28 should be completed in triplicate (if the vehicle is NOT under hypothecation) or in quadruplicate (if under hypothecation). After submitting the necessary fees, the RTO will process your request in a day or two.

The whole process should be over within three days (best case) to two weeks (worst case) time. If the power of money is applied, the processing time-line gets flexible.

Re-registration of vehicle at Chennai

Now that you have crossed half the challenge, after obtaining the NOC from Hyderabad, you may apply for re-registration with the RTO under your local jurisdiction. The following documents are considered necessary by the RTO - at the time of writing:

(1) Form 33 with prescribe fee of Rs 20. *

(2) Form 29 and Form 30 - for transfer of ownership. This applies if your are re-registering the vehicle in someone else name. *

(3) Form 20 with chassis # being attached as a pencil print along with a photo of the owner. Applicable fees extra.

(4) NOC issued by the original registering authority (the NOC that you obtained from concerned RTO in Hyderabad). Should be signed duplicate copies.

(5) Life Time Tax to be paid (depends on the category of your vehicle)

(6) Address Proof copy

(7) Insurance Certificate

(8) Pollution control Certificate

(9) Police clearance should be obtained from National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB), Chennai - 106 or District Crimes Record Bureau (DCRB), Egmore Office.

(10) Entry tax for the vehicle (if applicable)

(11) If Registration Certificate is invalid, then Form 25 should be completed

(12) Original Registration Certificate

(13) Chassis # pencil prints (4 Nos.), Passport size photos (6 Nos.), Court Fee Stamp of Rs 2.

(14) Financier Authorization letter (if applicable)

(15) Signed Affidavit in front of Judicial Magistrate/Notary Public on a Rs 20 non-judicial paper with a photo of the applicant explaining the nature of work of the individual.

(16) Rs 30 postal stamp affixed letters (2 Nos.) One for the applicant and the other for the original RTO of registration.

  • For belated applications, penalty of Rs 100 applies.

Phew! The Bureaucrats have intentionally made it tougher to re-register out of state vehicles. What a torrid time to be a vehicle owner!

What I find as more stupid is the application for PCC at the Original State as well as at the transferred State. Why can't the RTO link up with the NCRB and verify the vehicles for themselves; with access to centralized repository? This is something that can be achieved with will-power and help improve the efficiency of the whole process. What a shame! Moreover certain provisions of the MVA are not applied in spirit by the concerned officials at RTO. There are provisions in MVA to apply for NOC by registered Post and declare it in an Affidavit - in the absence of NOC from the original RTO. They just prefer to act like rubber stamps and do NOT want to interpret the MVA rules.

We badly need a Transport Secretary that is willing to go the extra mile of overhauling the archaic system!

UPDATE: For vehicle re-registration in Tamil Nadu, it is NOT the duty of the Applicant to obtain local PCC from the State Crimes Record Bureau (SCRB) or District Crimes Record Bureau (DCRB). The concerned RTO (where the Applicant makes a re-registration application) should actually intimate and obtain PCC from the SCRB or DCRB.

Added 20th May 2012 - More info about re-registering the vehicle in your current State.

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