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Online Movie Ticket Reservation

Limata has introduced online based movie-ticket reservation. Presently, Cini-Mini-Sugam Priya Theaters, Sakthi-Sivam Theaters and Thanga Regal Theater are supported by the site. I used it to reserve tickets for the upcoming Gautam Menon directed - Surya starrer, Vaaranam Aayiram (வாரணம் ஆயிரம்). I believe, the system allows you to reserve in advance certain tickets that they have made available for online booking.

I do have a list of things that the Limata guys can work upon and improve. But I should congratulate them for convincing the Theatre owners down South. I believe it is certainly a major challenge to convince these theatre owners. Apart from the Corporates and progressive minded theatre owners, the rest are not very receptive to the idea of improving the movie-watching experience. One cannot blame them alone for the reason. The recent power cuts, rampant piracy and lack of public awareness in protecting private/public property have made the theater owners callous to changes in recent times.

In the metros, the multiplexes certainly offer a better experience for the money (still some charge exorbitant rates). It will take few more years to improve the experience and couple more to revamp ones in doldrums. Reliance has made some investments and the old Sundaram Theater is undergoing renovation. It awaits a grand opening anytime within the next six to twelve months. Reliance already has renovated the old Ganesh Theater to Adlabs-Ganesh. It certainly is undoubtedly a top-tier theater in Madurai (apart from architectural complaints). Thanga Regal (the old Victoria Hall) has been renovated. So, this will be my first visit in two decades. I don't remember my last movie. I can vaguely recollect a visit to Thanga Regal with my mother when I was young. She used to take us (as in me and her colleague's son) to English movies (I owe her something these days for providing a nice experience during my childhood).

Coming back to the site, Limata.com, it currently supports Microsoft IE v6.x or above. They can still improve their UI and offer lightweight design to improve performance. Overall, it works and is definitely a blessing to otherwise sensibility starved Madurai crowd. [Hush hush] This time, the movie, Vaaranam Aayiram, is being distributed by Alagiri's son (or under his name). I don't know if it was under the will of Gautam Menon or did he ran out of options. So, one can expect a strict measure to curb piracy at Meenakshi Bazaar. After all said and done, it is pure Politics. I can only wish Gautam Menon and Surya - success! I certainly admire Gautam Menon for his candidness (in his interviews so far) and Surya (for his hard work). I will do my best to give a an unbiased review (from my end).

I will update this post based on my experience. Expect an update after the 14th of November.

P.S: I happened to hear about Limata.com through this blogger [link]. Thanks to the blogger.

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